Easy importing of lead's address & contact information
a. With a simple "copy & paste" you can import data into our application from virtually any popular program, even directly from another web site!
b. No two list sources are ever the same. We give you complete column management and formatting parameters of your list! You can even save your custom configuration as a "pattern" to quickly reuse in the future.
c. Our system will pre-format the information quickly and mail merge the data into the Litman’s proven letters for quick and easy targeted mail campaigns.
d. Attach time stamped notes to each individual lead as you go through each step of the process.
Information is quickly accessible 24x7 from anywhere in the world
a. Create a list of buyers and include contact information for easy online viewing.
b. Give your business partners access so they do not have to waste your time and their time calling you when they can view all of the deals going on at any time during the day.
c. Integrated searching allows you to find information anywhere quickly!
Forms, Scripts and Inside Secrets from The Litmans themselves!
a. We provide you with all the forms and letters you will need to deal with the sellers and the financial institutions.
b. We provide you the phone scripts to walk you through your conversations with all parties involved.
c. We tell you how to assemble a "dream team" of contacts, each with their expertise in various stages of the process.
Custom Branded Letters and Web site plus Online Portal support
a. Set up a web site exactly like the one The Litmans use except it will have your business name and number on it.
b. We will even procure and configure the site to use you very own domain name (according to availability). If you already have a domain name, we will help you direct it to your personal portal page.
c. Free updates when The Litmans add a tool or feature

Quite simply, this system includes everything you need to be successful

at the short sale business so you can also sell over $4 Million of

real estate netting over $350,000 profit in your first year

just like the Litmans

You could be next.
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