Larry Litman
Larry has been a dentist serving central Illinois for over 28 years. When he realized that he wanted to retire early, he searched for a way to put his retirement funds on steroids. That is when he starting studying real estate. He soon found out that he did not even need money to make money. So, that is when he encouraged his sons to team with him to make a real estate investment business a reality. Larry brings his gifts for running a successful dental business to the family real estate team. His shrewd business sense, attention to detail, and systems implementation make him the backbone of this company.
David Litman
David is a 27 year old who has been hard wired for business and making money his entire life. From his humble beginnings, renting mittens in grade school at recess during the winter, he is now the mover and shaker in this company, buying and selling millions of dollars worth of real estate per year. David is formally trained in business from the University of Indianapolis graduating in 3 years as valedictorian where he enjoyed a full tennis and academic scholarship. He then earned a full academic scholarship to the University of Illinois MBA program where he graduated as the youngest MBA in school history.
Initially, David worked for corporate America for 5 years before he got fed up with working 50+ hours per week. Lured by his father’s idea of a real estate investment company, Dave quit to pursue this lucrative opportunity. Dave’s make things happen, thinking outside of the box abilities has produced results in the form of dollar signs for this company – because – that is just the way he rolls!!!
Mike Litman
Mike is the behind the scenes technology genius of the group. His aptitude for technology began to be revealed in high school when he was responsible for his high school becoming the first in IL to have a webpage. His mind for programming could not be contained after that and was trained in computer science through his master’s degree at Western Illinois University. His knack for not only his programming, but teaching computer science was so obvious that he was offered a teaching opportunity at the university. Mike was then consistently voted teacher of the year every year he had that position. Mike also earned his PhD from Nova Southeastern University where he graduated as the youngest PhD from the program. Dr. Litman now uses his gifts for technology propensity, and creative ingenuity for programming to produce blockbuster technologies.

Larry’s idea for systems, Mike’s development of the systems, and David’s implementation of the systems makes this trio a recipe for success. They are now here to help you achieve your dreams.

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