Jerry Jones - Real Estate Guru
At first I thought that a 27 year old and a dentist could not have come up with everything they claim. Then, I actually saw pictures of them holding the checks they made and knew I must find out how they are doing it. Just like in any business, one must have great systems and this is the absolute best system I have ever seen to do a short sale. The letters are all there, the scripts are all there, it is all online so your partners can view them from anywhere in the world and most importantly it tells you what to do, gives you the tools to do it fast and easy, and all that you must do is work the system. Anybody that desires to earn an extra $10,000 or more a month working not even part time would be doing themselves a disservice for not getting this program.

Gary Harper - Insurance Agent
          This is the program I have been looking for. Most systems I have encountered just give you some VHS tapes and some book to go with them. This program gives you the forms, the scripts, ways to keep organized, the letters, and anything else that is new will be updated on the program since it is all online. Thanks to this program I got 6 houses on my first week and 6 more on the second week.
Mitch Klein - Dentist
I have heard about all of the foreclosures coming. I did not want to miss this opportunity. As soon as I heard about the program I immediately signed up. It is very easy to use and I got my first house in a week. David just tells it like it is, no fillers. You just need to work the system.
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